Benchmarking Services

For our Private Club Clients, Benchmarking services are a key component in assessing their Club’s operating performance and are a vital tool in the management decision making process.  At Laskaris & Laskaris we work closely with the Club Benchmarking Organization to provide meaningful metrics to assess just how a club is doing.  With Club Benchmarking, your Club’s data can be custom matched against a true peer group of similar clubs through a unique data filtering process.  This helps eliminate the usual rationalization that often occurs when an individual club is matched against a typical study of “Industry Averages”.

For our hotel and restaurant clients we also provide benchmarking data from within our own practice client group as well as various industry data sources.  When done properly, benchmarking can be used to highlight operating problems and inefficiencies for corrective action.  Hours of operation, labor scheduling and pricing policy issues are often called to attention by a benchmarking analysis and can become the catalyst for improvement and ultimate success.